• 2017 CSA DISCOUNT (19 Days Left!!)

    Winter is here, but so are 2017 CSA sign up discounts!  Sign up before January 1st and save $25, click here for more info and to sign up.

    This is a busy week for us with our third Winter CSA Pick Up and a Holiday Market @ Lost Acres Vineyard (both are Saturday 10am to 2pm) and just a little 2 degree weather along the way to add a sense of hypothermic danger to all that harvesting, sorting, bagging and washing.   If you don’t have a winter share stop and see us at the Vineyard.

    As the season turned and winter reclaimed our fields, it was sad to tell my daughter that there were no more tomatoes, no more husk cherries, no more cucumbers, no more peppers, no more raspberries. And I am excited for next year and can’t wait to again watch Juniper graze her way through our fields.  There will be plenty enough for everyone so sign up today (and use the twenty-five bucks you save to get yourself a little Christmas present!)

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