• The Farming Season Has Begun!

    Onions are all planted (Yellows, Reds & Whites!)


    It’ll be a few weeks before we can start eating locally again, but we’re tilling, amending, spreading, seeding, mulching and planting like there’s no tomorrow.  And a late and – most welcome – rush of applicants finally has me confident that we’ll have a big enough farm crew to get everything picked and packed.  So now the only thing still missing is enough CSA Members to keep the farm running.

    There is a lot of talk in farming circles that Community Supported Agriculture has reached its limits and that the return to kitchens and cooking real food has stalled. Mega-Farms have made the necessary changes in their inputs and tactics to be able to fill Wal-Marts and Grocery Stores with “Certified Organic” produce and prepared meals. But the flavor, nutrient density and sustainability of produce from local regenerative farms far outpaces those of these sticker certified farms.

    Help keep Holcomb Farm sustainable by becoming a share holder and fill your kitchen with produce from your neighborhood.


    Over wintered leeks in the “Mailbox” field

    We have another gleaning opportunity for our CSA members – help yourself to over-wintered leeks at the farm this weekend!  They are not as big as the ones we were filling the CSA Barn with last fall, but they are quite tasty and a much appreciated local treat for late April.  Come to the CSA Barn parking lot and the field with the leeks will be back across the road to the right (we’ll have a yellow ribbon and bamboo stake marking where the leeks are – though you’ll be able to see them from Simsbury Rd).  The only rule is to replace your divot – it’s bad form to leave unfilled holes in the field.  And you’ll probably want to bring a knife or scissors to trim the roots (they have become quite substantial) and a trowel or small shovel to loosen them from the soil (once again – the roots!).  There’ll be a bamboo stake and yellow ribbon marking the spot. The field gets its name from our mailbox at the edge of the field and the leeks we’ll be there for a few more weeks before we have to turn it over to plant Eggplant and Heirloom Tomatoes. Email me if you have any questions about the leeks – joe@holcombfarm.org

    If you are looking for something to do this weekend stop by Maple View Horse Farm in the center of Granby,  they are having an Open House on Sunday the 23rd from Noon to 2pm.  For more info CLICK HERE.  We’ll be there taking advantage of the open house (I want to see the piglets that were born last week!) and hope to see you there or at the Farm getting your share of April Leeks!

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