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Why Fresh AccessPeople are hungry. This food fills a great need: 1 in 7 households—and 1 in 5 children—in CT are food insecure. In Hartford, 33% of people (that’s in 1 in 3) live below the federal poverty line, while in Hartford County, 11% (1 in 10) live in poverty. In American suburbs, poverty has increased by 64% since 2000.  While affordability is an issue, healthy food is also inaccessible for other reasons, including lack of transportation to fresh food retailers and a lack of availability. For people who live in these food deserts, Holcomb Farm’s Fresh Access is a welcome source of fresh, nutritious produce for area families.

What is Fresh AccessWe give people good food.  Every week during our growing season, Holcomb Farm’s Fresh Access program provides 125 pounds of produce to our partner organizations—that’s over six tons of fresh produce to over 1,300 people every year!

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Our Current Community Partner Organizations  We work with good people doing good work, including the Granby Senior Center, Granby, CT, The Waste Not Want Not Community Kitchen, Granby, CT (South Congregational Church), and the Town of Granby Social Services Department.

Holcomb Farm’s Fresh Access program promotes community health and vitality by providing fresh, chemical-free produce to food insecure communities in the Greater Hartford area.

IMG_4301Please Help Us Do This Important Work

We are a donation supported program, so we depend on the generosity of the community to continue providing this service. Here’s an example of what your donation can provide for our neighbors in need:

  • $25 – Feed a family veggies for a week.  1 in 7 households (and 1 in 5 children) in CT are food insecure. For just $25, you donate enough for a family of 4 to have 25 servings of fresh, chemical-free, local vegetables from Holcomb Farm.
  • $75 – Healthy produce for 10 seniors for a week.  Seniors often work to make ends meet on a fixed income, and sometimes must choose between health care costs, heating costs, and food costs. There has been a 78% increase in the number of seniors who face the threat of hunger in the United States since 2000.
  • $100 – Feed a family veggies for a month.  In American suburbs, poverty has increased by 64% since 2000, and in CT there has been a 44% increase in the use of SNAP (formerly called “food stamps”) in the last 5 years. $100 supports a family accessing Holcomb Farm produce for an entire month.
  • $250 – Support organizational share for a week.  We work with some of the most effective and inspiring community organizations in the Greater Hartford area to get Holcomb Farm produce to people who need it. A donation of $250, supports their 125 lb share for a week, and your donation will either feed 10 families that week or contribute to a hot, sit down meal that will feed over 150 people.

Please consider helping us continue to provide this vital service to our neighbors by making a tax deductible donation using the secure link below.

Fresh Access is 100% privately funded. ALL DONATIONS, large or small, will make a difference in the lives of others. Please help if you can by making a donation right now.

IMPORTANT! FRESH ACCESS SPONSORSHIPS for major donors, corporate sponsors, and foundations are also available. Please contact the office at 860-844-8616 or use our Contact Form to send us a message for information about becoming a sponsor.

Thank you!



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