• Greenhouse Seeding Begins in 1 Month!!

    Our Hickory Tree Field during a recent thaw

    Before I started farming, February was the longest, grimmest month. But as a Farmer it seems to be over in 2 weeks.  You’re desperate to snag more rest before the season begins, but there are hours and hours of planning and ordering to do, one last Winter CSA pick up, wholesale orders and before you know it you have to get the greenhouses ready and start seeding the first week in March.

    It’s bittersweet because the passion for this work is deep and you can’t wait to start the process again, but the family time and time to read (the height of leisure!) makes you wish February lasted another couple of weeks – or at least a day or two.


    For those who can’t make it to the Farm once a week during the season, we have Box Share options as well.  Fresh-picked veggies, packed up and delivered every Wednesday to sites in West Hartford and New Britain.  Follow the link for more info and to sign up!

    Click Here to Sign up for a 2017 CSA SHARE,  CARROTS, CELERY AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!

    Winter also provides time to study the wisdom of the early Jim Henson Muppets.   Watch the video below and heed the advice of Captain Vegetable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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