• Legislative Hearing TODAY about Genetically Modified Foods

    TODAY, March 15th, the Connecticut Public Health Committee will be holding a public hearing for HB 6519, An Act Concerning the Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods. We support this legislation and provide the following information from GMO Free CT – an organization working to ensure proper labeling of genetically modified foods.

    GMO Free CT invites you to join them  at the Legislative Office building, 300 Capitol Avenue in Hartford, anytime after 10:30 AM.  The hearing is scheduled to begin at 10:30, but HB 6519 is 10th on the agenda and we do not expect it to be heard until after 12:00 PM. Find the GMO Free CT table on the second floor of the Legislative Office building where they will have handouts to provide to your legislators with information. They will also have pins for everyone to wear that will identify the group, if you desire. They hope to “pack the room” during the hearing to show a broad range of support for the legislation.

    If you cannot attend the hearing, but want to support the legislation, call your legislator today and ask them to support HB 6519.
    You may also send in your opinions in writing to PHC.Testimony.cga.ct.gov.


    GMO Free CT has garnered the support of  “experts in the movement from near and far to support us in CT” and testify at this hearing.  Among those testifying are Jerry Greenfield, (founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, which recently announced they are going GMO Free with no added cost to consumer), Lisa Stokke and Dave Murphy (founders of Food Democracy Now), Michael Hansen (scientist from Consumers Union),  John Fagan (author of “GMO Myths and Truths”), John Pittari (owner of New Morning Market), Chris Eddy (executive chef of Winvian), and Bill Duesing (Executive Director of CT-NOFA).  Jerry has let us know that they will be bringing ice cream!

    Hope to see you there!

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