• Pick Your Own Crops in 2017

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    I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Emma, Juniper and I have had a great time catching up with family, but after a week on the road I am itching to get back to the farm and start planning for next year.

    First item on the agenda is the seed order, so I want to give folks a chance to chime in with your veggie desires – especially for the Pick Your Own! Peas, Strawberries, beans, dill, cilantro, husk cherries, mini-eggplant and Cherry tomatoes are all definites for the PYO patch in my book, but let me know what you think. I’m also keen on the idea of a bed of fingerling sweet peppers – kids especially will love picking these.

    Though we’ve done away with the Picking Pass only membership, PYO crops will continue to be a part of all Full Shares and Half Shares, so sign up, send me your recommendations and replace those visions of sugar plums dancing in your head with sun gold cherry tomatoes, edamame and strawberries!

    In the next blog post we’ll talk about the flowers.

    Happy Holidays!


    A special note on basil: We rotated basil out of the PYO zone (i.e. outside the deer fence) last year because it is one of the few things we grow that deer won’t touch. Basil Downy Mildew disease has also come out of nowhere the last few years and it can wipe out an entire bed of basil in a few days. We’ll try and figure out a way to have a reliable supply of basil for everyone, but this is a plant I recommend everyone to grow at home as well. When the tomatoes come in having a back-up basil supply at home could be crucial.

6 Responsesso far.

  1. Lisa Barall-Matt says:

    Are you still going to have the edamame? Love that pyo item. Happy holidays Lisa

  2. Jeanne says:

    Love the mini eggplant, Fairytale? My own little crop struggled. Or, better put, I struggled. Sweet potatoes…any size. Snap peas.

  3. Laura says:

    Definitely husk cherries!

  4. Aubrey says:

    I emphatically second the husk cherries and edamame votes! They were favorites in our household. You didn’t inquire about flowers, but I love the zinnias.

  5. Noel says:

    We loved the husk cherries and my kids had so much fun gathering raspberries! Any chance we could get an option to buy duck eggs next year?

  6. sally s markey says:

    Dear Joe, I love all your suggestions but add edemame beans. One year brussel sprouts were put where we could pick a certain amt. each week. They lasted a long time. I missed having more tomatillos to go w/ the cilantro as we really enjoy salsa verde. sally s.m.