• Holcomb Farm is back in action!

    Wayo! Wayo! The Lion awakes again!

    The seeds have all been ordered, amendments and fertilizers are coming next week, the farm crew is returning to work, and energy is returning to our Farm.  The greenhouse is hot and starting to fill with seedlings (leeks, some flowers, parsley and other herbs) and preparations for the coming season are well ahead of schedule.

    It was a strange feeling to be seeding parsley in 70 degree heat this past week and there was an urge to fire up the tractor and start prepping the fields. But one swallow does not a summer make and there will be plenty of frosts and cold weather (maybe snow?) before we start planting in earnest.

    In the meantime, what is a sensible eater to do?   Stop by the Maple View Farm Store at 192 Salmon Brook St.  in Granby (open daily 8am to 8pm) and get yourself some Holcomb Farm potatoes and Maple View meat for the perfect March meal.


    Incan Easter Basket: Holcomb Potatoes for sale at the Maple View Farm Store!

    For those with less carnivorous tastes we will have our full array of hoop-house greens for sale at the Lost Acres Vineyard Holiday Market, March 24th (4 pm to 7pm).  A more detailed list of what we’ll have at the market will be sent out next week.

    But, the smartest thing to do while we await the arrival of Spring is Join our CSA!

    The CSA season will begin in mid-June and we are expecting to reach our share limit this year, so sign up now and reserve your seat at the table! 


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