• What Do Farmers Do In Winter?

    We recently asked our Farm Manager, Karen Pettinelli, how she was enjoying her “time off” after the busy farming season.

    She looked surprised!  “Time off?” she said with a grin. “We’re still pretty busy!”

    Karen went on to explain that her days are full from dawn to dusk doing… farming! Winter Share vegetables continue to be harvested from some of the outdoor fields, while greens and other fresh crops are grown throughout the winter in the four large greenhouses.

    In addition, Karen has to make plans now for the upcoming summer season. “I’m preparing next summer’s crop plan, finalizing budgets, ordering seeds, locating parts for equipment repairs, and already recruiting workers for next summer. Based on what grew the best and where, how many pounds of each crop were produced, what varieties people liked the most, and which fields need rotation or tending, we’ll map out the entire summer season by the end of January. The business of farming doesn’t stop just because it is winter!”

    The Holcomb Farm CSA is incredibly fortunate to have such a hard-working and delightful Farm Manager in Karen. If you haven’t met her yet, make a point to stop by and say hello next spring. You’ll probably find her on the tractor!


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