• What’s in Your Share? Week 7 CSA

    Hi Everyone,orient charm

    We got our first rain today after a long hot stretch, and it sure feels good to cool down.  I am happy to say that, despite this,  it looks like it will be another big hot summer week in terms of crops!  We now have eggplant and tomatoes coming in, and the cukes and squash keep going strong.  This share will make for a nice summer salad with some tomatoes, fresh onions and cucumbers chopped up with fresh basil, olive oil + balsamic…yummm.  Lots of cucumbers and basil also make me think its time for one of my favorite summer snacks – basil, cucumber and cream cheese sanwhiches (better on white bread). This is one of my favorite things to eat when it is too hot to cook.  Can you tell I am getting hungry as it is almost lunch now?

    We have some exciting news this week, as the farm is organizing a Harvest Dinner for members on Sept 8th from 5pm-9:30pm, to support our Fresh Access food donation program.  This will be a really fun, farm-to-table event, with live music and food from Chef Chris Prosperi and pizzas cooked in our very own beehive oven by Flatbread co.  All veggies will be from the farm of course, in addition to meats and cheeses from neighboring farms.  All of the proceeds go to support our food donation program, for communities without access to fresh produce.  We will send out a notice shortly with more details on how to reserve a spot.

    What’s in Your Share – Week 7 CSA

    Ailsa Craig Fresh Onions – This is a delicious sweet fresh onion, early summer specialty.  Check out Julie’s blog for more details.


    Cucumbers! – 4 types: Salt+ Pepper, Tasty Jade, Pickling, and Slicers

    Summer Squash/Zucchini

    Japanese Eggplant – Japanese eggplant are a delicious alternative to the Italian Bell style.  Said to be sweeter than bell eggplant, and you do not need to soak them in salt water before cooking to get out the bitter flavor.  We have 2 varieties for you: Orient Express (dark purple) and Orient Charm (light purple).

    Tomatoes! – We have a mix of red slicers, pink beauty, indigo rose, and sunkist orange tomatoes to start out, more varieties soon to come!

    Chard/Collards – First week for this as well, gotta have our cooking greens!

    Lettuce Heads

    Baby Carrots



    Karen Pettinelli

    Farm Manager

    Holcomb Farm

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