• What’s in Your Share? Week 9 CSA

    Hi Everyone,

    Before I give a crop update and this week’s list,  I first just want to say:

    Come to our Harvest Dinner! Fall Field by Bill Simpson

    This will be an exciting event to support our Fresh Access food donation program.  It will be a great chance for you all to participate in the farm and get to know other CSA members and Holcomb Farm supporters. 

    This event is important opportunity to bring together our CSA community and our larger Fresh Access community.  It is the reason this farm was started in the first place!   

    Sunday, Sept 8th 5:-9:30 pm 

    Go to :        http://holcombfarm.org/harvest-dinner

    for more details.

     Fall Field by Bill Simpson

    Ok, back to our post:

    Hope you are enjoying this abnormally chilly weather – I would take a summer like this anytime!  In terms of the crops, while some of the heat-loving summer crops are a little slower than usual (waiting on melons!), most of them seem to be thriving with the mild heat and weekly rain.  Our tomato crops are getting so heavy they are pulling our trellising down!  Beets and carrots are loving this weather, and the eggplant field is glimmering with lots of lovely colorful eggplant.

    A few of the crops are still suffering from the harsh weather earlier in the season, and it is possible at this point that they will not recover.  Our peppers unfortunately where hit with a fungal disease during the rainy deluge, and on top of that the local deer have eaten all of the tops of the plants!  This is very abnormal behavior for deer, as they would usually not go after pepper plant leaves.  So while we are a bit dumbfounded, the pepper crop looks like it will be a very light one this year.   The kale had a hard time in the spring as well, as it was hit with the cabbage root maggot.  This is a nasty moth that lays its eggs at the base of the plant and when the eggs hatch they eat the roots of the plant.  We were hoping the kale would recover, but it is still hurting, so I am sorry there has been less kale this year!  The future plantings are looking strong though, so we will hope for lots of delicious fall kale!

    What’s in your share? Week 9 CSA

    Touchstone Gold Beets – with greens! These golden beets are lighter in flavor then reds, and so they are a bit easier to incorporate in recipes, and they are gorgeous!

    Italian Bell Eggplant – Traditional dark purple bell type.

    Beatrice Eggplant – This is a light purple Italian type with a slightly different texture and shape than  the traditional bell.


    Ailsa Craig Onions – these are still fresh onions although they have no tops, so they should still be kept in your refrigerator.





    Baby Carrots

    Lettuce heads



    * Note on tomatoes: if you have noticed a blue chalkiness on your tomatoes, that is remnants of our copper spray.  This spray is certified for organic production and it is used to protect tomatoes from fungal diseases.  This is the only spray that is available to organic growers to help reduce the chance of getting late blight -a disease that wiped out most tomato plants in the Northeast in 2009.  Growers remember this year well and many have since used copper as a preventative measure.   So don’t be alarmed by a little blue on your tomato,  it is good to wipe off or wash your tomatoes before eating.



    Karen Pettinelli

    Farm Manager

    Holcomb Farm

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