An Update from Farmer Joe

Well, so far the 2020 season is not going to plan. Fortunately, we have a lot of experience with things not going to plan. Farming is full of unforeseen challenges - everything from droughts, hail storms, and floods to new pests, equipment failures and now a pandemic.

A good chunk of the farming season is a constant state of crisis management, and figuring things out in the middle of a changing landscape is in the DNA of a good farmer.  We have no idea how the COVID-19 crisis will play out, but we have plenty of ideas how we’ll handle it.  Over the years we have boxed, bagged, delivered and distributed vegetables in countless ways and we will do whatever it takes to get people fed this year in a safe and efficient way.  Thanks to the Food Safety Modernization Act that recently passed, protocols are already in place to ensure clean safe produce reaches customers.  We will be strengthening and expanding these measures and implementing any new guidance that comes down from state and federal agricultural agencies.

There may be uncertain times ahead, but there is no stopping what has been set in motion.  Days are getting longer, the sun is climbing higher, seeds are germinating and the Farm is waking up.   We are here and we are working.  The greenhouse is filling up with seedlings to be planted in April, pallets of supplies are arriving daily and the familiar spring chores are waiting.

We didn’t need the Federal Government to declare us “essential” – we wouldn’t be working so hard at this if we thought otherwise. But the new focus on local food and small farms is most welcome.  Regardless of the pandemic our job remains the same as every year – care for this gifted land, do no harm to its ecosystem and feed our community.



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