Taste the Difference. Make a Difference.


Summer CSA 2019 

Summer Season: June 11 - October 26

Pickup Tuesdays - Saturdays, 10 am - 6 pm

Enjoy fresh produce, grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and save money. Come to the Farm each week and collect your share of the bounty, which is harvested at the peak of ripeness and washed for your convenience. You are invited to pick your own vegetables and herbs and cut your own flowers, as well. We grow nearly every vegetable that will grow in this climate, except corn (which we do carry in our Farm Store).

By purchasing your share before the season begins, you help us out -- and you save money over farmstand prices. The season lasts 20 weeks, from early June through October; and you can pick up whenever is most convenient for you (Tuesdays – Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm).

Fresh Access. You'll see our order forms give you the option of adding a donation to Fresh Access to your transaction. The Friends of Holcomb Farm provides more than 8 tons of healthy, chemical-free, fresh produce annually to people in need through its Fresh Access program. To learn more about Fresh Access, click here. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Workplace Shares! As part of our ongoing mission to provide our community with healthy food options grown locally and without chemicals, the Holcomb Farm CSA introduces its Workplace CSA Program. Employees at participating businesses get 20 weeks' worth of freshly picked vegetables delivered right to their workplace for just $500. Interested in starting a Workplace Share Program where you work? Email Joe O'Grady, Farm Manager, at joe@holcombfarm.org. He'll be happy to help!

Full Share - $625
Workplace Share - $500 (participating businesses only)
Half Share -$350

To pay by check (and save us money on processing fees!), please download the HF Summer CSA 2019 Signup Sheet and mail it to us. Thank you!

Winter CSA 

(SOLD OUT for 2018)

November 3 - February 9

Monthly Farm Pick Up

Our Winter CSA sells out almost every year. Here's why: you get carrots, potatoes, turnips, parsnips, beets, celeriac, kohlrabi, rutabaga, watermelon radish, Daikon radish, sweet potatoes, onions, radicchio, cabbage, Napa cabbage, kale, collards and other field greens, spinach, arugula, lettuce mix, and baby kale from the greenhouse, and much more!

There are five pick-ups, from November through February, with two scheduled right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Few farms can offer local produce all winter long, but we do!

Pick-Up Schedule, 2018 Season

#1: Saturday, Nov. 3,  10 am - 2 pm

#2: Saturday, Nov. 17, 10 am - 2 pm OR Tuesday, Nov. 20, 3pm - 6pm

#3: Saturday, Dec. 22, 10 am - 2 pm

#4 - Saturday, Jan. 19, 10 am - 2 pm

#5 - Saturday, Feb. 16, 10 am - 2 pm

Pick-Up Location: CSA Barn/Farmstore

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Holcomb Farm is a Nonprofit CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture; and it is the best way to support your local farm, save money, improve your health, and liven up your dinners. CSA members pay wholesale prices before the season begins, giving us the ability to purchase seeds, maintain equipment, and hire staff (thank you!). In return, you enjoy a full season’s worth of healthy produce at a reduced cost.

We select our seed varieties for flavor, eating quality, yield, and disease resistance. Because our members receive our produce directly from the farm, hours after it is picked, we do not have to select varieties for their ability to be shipped. This allows us to emphasize flavor over shelf life, and interest over uniformity.

No Chemicals. No Pesticides.

Another benefit we offer (and this is a BIG one): We use no chemicals – not even organically approved ones – as we feel they are toxic to pollinators, plants and people. As a result, our vegetables are cleaner, more nutrient-dense, and, believe it or not, more tasty. There’s a reason some of the area’s best restaurants carry Holcomb Farm produce on their menus: they’re delicious!

Taste the Difference. Make a Difference.

Lastly, here at Holcomb Farm, you get the added benefit of belonging to a nonprofit CSA. Our mission is not revenue-driven. Our mission is to utilize this historic farm and serve our community. One way we do this is by providing $25,000 worth of fresh produce to food-insecure families and to families facing a health crisis each year. You can feel really good about supporting our farm. Learn more about our Fresh Access program here.