Celebrate 30 Dinner – Memories

The Friends of Holcomb Farm: Celebrating 30 Years

Whether you were able to join us to experience the delicious harvest or not, we want you to see this short video we made in honor of Farmer Joe O'Grady and his Farm Crew, giving a taste of how they do what they do,  rain or shine. We thank our longtime, faithful supporters Put and Nannie Brown for underwriting the cost of this video.

Very few people were "in the room where it happened," as Tudor and Laura Holcomb determined what to do with the land we all now know and love as Holcomb Farm. Put Brown was, and he shared his thoughts in answer to the question, "Would Tudor and Laura be pleased with what has become of their gift?" Thanks to Nannie Brown for sharing Put's words.


The Bud Murtha Volunteer Award is the Friends' highest honor. Join us in celebrating the well-deserved choice of Walter Ford.


John Schumann served as the first President of the Friends of Holcomb Farm Board, and Curt Johnson as the second. Both offered up some memories of the early days, which we didn't have a chance to share with you all at the dinner, but want to rectify that now. Our debt of gratitude to those who came before us, sharing their time, talent, and treasure, is deep.


Thank you, again and again and again. We simply cannot do what we do without you and your support.

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