We Offer Variety

Basket of Sexy Winter Veggies
June July August September
Pea Shoots Calendula Basil Basil
Dill Basil Okra Okra
Sage Parsley Hot Peppers Hot Peppers
Oregano Dill Calendula/Borage/Rat-Tail Calendula/Borage/Rat-Tail
Winter Savory Sage Shishito/Padrons Shishito/Padrons
Lemon Balm Oregano Dill Lemongrass
Mint Mint Sage Ginger
Thyme Thyme Oregano Turmeric
Lovage Lemon Balm Mint Chervil
Sorrel Thyme Rosemary
Yarrow Lemon Balm

What We Grow

Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers (Oh My!)

June July Aug-Sept Oct-Nov Dec
Napa Cabbage Broccoli Raab Tomatoes Bok Choi Beets
Bok Choi Kale Cherry Tomatoes Baby Kale Radishes
Rhubarb Broccoli Zukes Asian Salad Greens Daikon Radish
Kale Sweet & hot Peppers Cukes Tatsoi Black Radish
Chard Chard Beets Kale Watermelon Radish
Spinach Lettuce Fennel Chard Onions
Radish Beets Sweet Potatoes Collard Greens Potatoes
Hakurei Turnips Cucumbers Potatoes Arugula Sweet Potatoes
Scallions Fennel Eggpplant Senposai Turnips
Asian Salad Mix Potatoes Mini Eggplant Leeks Carrots
Baby Kale Onions Chard Radishes Rutabaga
Arugula Cabbage Onions Daikon Radish Kohlrabi
Broccoli Raab Zucchini Peppers Black Radish Cabbage
Kohlrabi Shishito & Padron Peppers Celery Onions
Watermelon Radish Mini Eggplant Tomatoes Scallions
Parsley Eggplant Lettuce Sweet Potatoes
Broccoli Peppers Watermelon Potatoes
Dandelion Greens Celery Cantaloupe Honeynut Squash
Garlic Scapes Carrots Shishitos Delicata Squash
Beets Tomatoes Leeks Carnival Squash
Lettuce Cherry Tomatoes Kale Butternut Squash
Beans Spaghetti Squash Rutabaga
Acorn Squash Beets
Radishes Eggplant
Collard Greens Hot Peppers
Pie Pumpkins Sweet Peppers
Honeynut Squash Cabbage
Delicata Squash Turnips
Carnival & Sw. Dump. Squash Carrots
Cauliflower Broccoli
Okra Cauliflower
Shishito & Padron Peppers
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