Trail Maps

At Holcomb Farm, you will find more than 10 miles of beautiful hiking trails that wind through fields and forests and along the Salmon Brook.  On the east side of Simsbury Road, you will find an educational Tree Trail, with mowed paths, interpretive signs, and more than 100 species of trees marked with their scientific and common names. It is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

Maps for both the Trail System and the Tree Trail can be found below. Click on the link below each map to download a copy to take with you as you head out to the trails. We hope you enjoy your visit to Holcomb Farm!

One important note: the bridge crossing the Salmon Brook, behind our main campus, has washed out. You can easily access our western trails from the old trailhead on Broad Hill Road. (Enter on High Ridge Trail, marked in green on the map).

Map of Holcomb Tree Trail
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