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In 2022, the Friends of Holcomb Farm was awarded it a Civic Improvement Commendation by the Garden Club of America, “given in recognition of the Friends of Holcomb Farm’s innovative ‘Tree Trail’ project that in the spirit of [Frederick Law] Olmsted creates engaging recreational and public education amenities.” Pictured here is Holcomb Tree Trail Volunteer Barry Avery with Garden Club of America Conservation Committee Chairwoman Cayce McAllister.

Why Support the Friends of Holcomb Farm

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we receive no subsidy from the Town of Granby and depend solely on individual contributions to support our charitable goals. Please consider becoming a Friend of Holcomb Farm and supporting all we do.

If you'd prefer to pay by check (and save us money on processing fees!), please download our Membership Form. Thank you!

YOU MAY DESIGNATE YOUR SUPPORT toward one of the programs managed by the Friends of Holcomb Farm. Click here to make a gift specifically to Fresh Access or the Holcomb Tree Trail.

GIFTING APPRECIATED STOCK can be a very tax-efficient way to support the Friends of Holcomb Farm. Contact to learn more.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO GIVE SOMEONE THE  GIFT OF MEMBERSHIP, please send an email to and let her know the name and address of the recipient so she can acknowledge it appropriately.

OTHER WAYS TO SUPPORT HOLCOMB FARM: Join our CSA, shop in our Farm Store, and enjoy everything the Farm has to offer!

Become a Friend of the Farm and support all we do, including Fresh Access, the Holcomb Tree Trail, maintenance of the trail system, special events, and more. A strong membership is critical to the farm's success.

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