What People Say About Holcomb Farm


“Holcomb Farm CSA is a treasure! There's a strong sense of community here and a shared love of the land. Our vegetables taste better and fresher than those we get anywhere else.”

– John Dankosky

“I have been beyond pleased with my box share experience!  Thank you!  Every Wednesday is like Christmas, going to see what you all have lovingly picked and packed for me.”

– Nancy Murray

 Seriously....that is the BEST, the most AMAZING spinach I have ever eaten! In all my days of spinach eating I have never had anything more tender and delicious. And the arugula is close behind-  I just snack on it out of the bag! I don't know what you are doing out there, but it is magic! Thank you so much for nourishing our bellies!" 

–  Jessica Fritz Peters, owner of Pilates Defined

"Holcomb Farm's produce is flavorful, nutrient rich, high quality,  and varied."

– Chris Prosperi, Executive Chef, Metros Bis Restaurant

“Restaurants often serve a vegetable as an accoutrement. But when your produce is delicious, you can make a vegetable the star of the show. With Holcomb Farm produce, we actually simplify our cuisine to make the vegetables shine.”

– Chef Niles Talbot, Millwrights Restaurant & Tavern

“Holcomb Farm is one of the more established farms with which we work. They are well-run and are great about communicating with us. In addition, Holcomb Farm is a year-round farm. Thanks to their greenhouse, they are able to provide us with excellent produce even through the dreary winter.

– Chef Jeffrey Lizotte, Present  Company 


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